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Q: What was the name of Philadelphia all black Baseball team?
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Name 2 major league baseball team's in Pennsylvania?

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies.

What was the first baseball team to have a stadium with a roof?

the first baseball tea to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers the first baseball team to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers

Name the baseball team in Pennsylvania?

The Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Philadelphia Phllies both play in Pennsylvania.

How many baseball team has Philadelphia had?


What enticed the organization to name the team phillies?

What enticed them is the team playing in Philadelphia. Philadelphia=Phillies

What will be the name of the Philadelphia MLS soccer team be?

we will find out in 30 to 45 days, but as of right now, the team name will be one of the following four: ac philadelphia sc philadelphia philadelphia union philadelphia city

What does the philadelphia called the phillies?

The baseball team is the phillies

What was the real name of baseball player and manager and owner Connie Mack?

Connie Mack's real name was Cornelius McGiillcuddy. His team was the Philadelphia A's and his storied contributions to baseball are remarkable.

If you try out for a college baseball team and you're black will you make the baseball team?

I have a college baseball team near me that has a basketball team that is 95% white so i am sure they would but a black kid on the baseball team.

What nfl team has most black players?

The Philadelphia Eagles.

What major league baseball team is the best offensive team with two outs?

Philadelphia Phillies

Who was the first black baseball player to play for the Philadelphia National League team?

John Kennedy ... he was a pinch runner on April 22, 1957 against the Brooklyn Dodgers.