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The baseball team is the phillies

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Q: What does the philadelphia called the phillies?
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Phillies name before philles?

They were called the Philadelphia Quakers before they were the Phillies.

When was Philadelphia Phillies created?

Philadelphia Phillies was created in 1883.

What was the Philadelphia team first called when it formed in 1883?

Philadelphia Quakers of 1883The Philadelphia Phillies franchise started in 1883 as the Quakers.

Which state do the Philadelphia Phillies play in?

The Phillies play in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who was the Philadelphia Phillies first manager?

Harry Wright was the first coach of the Philadelphia Phillies and Bob Ferguson was the first manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

What city is the Philadelphia Phillies from?


What city is Philadelphia Phillies from?


What was the 2010 season record for the Philadelphia Phillies?

In 2010, the Philadelphia Phillies had a 97-65record.

What was the Phillies mascot before the Phanatic?

Philadelphia Phil and Philadelphia Phillis were the Phillies mascots(1971-1979)

Where can one find a schedule for the Philadelphia Phillies?

One can find the schedule for the Philadelphia Phillies by looking at the MLB website and finding the Philadelphia Phillies roster. The roster will have lineups and schedules.

What is Ethan Martin's number on the Philadelphia Phillies?

Ethan Martin is number 49 on the Philadelphia Phillies.

What is Reid Brignac's number on the Philadelphia Phillies?

Reid Brignac is number 17 on the Philadelphia Phillies.