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That was 163 in the 1985-86 season. Coupled with his 52 goals, he scored 215 points that season which stands as the NHL single season scoring record for a player.

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Q: What was the most number of assists Wayne Gretzky achieved in one season?
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Who holds single season record for assists?

Wayne gretzky

How many assists did Wayne Gretzky score in one season?

87666 87666

What player has the record for most assist in a single NHL season?

The NHL single season assists record is held by Wayne Gretzky who had 163 assists in the 1985-1986 season.

What is the NHL record for most assists in one season?

163-Wayne Gretzky, 1985-86

How many points did Wayne Gretzky have in his best year?

In the 1985-86 NHL Season, Wayne Gretzky scored 215 points as an Edmonton Oiler. He had 52 goals and 163 assists. Although he did score an amazing 92 goals in the 1981-82 season, the 1985-86 season was Gretzky's most prolific as far as points.

What were the highlights of Wayne Gretzky's hockey career?

Wayne Gretzky still holds the record for most goals in a season (92), most assists in a season (163), and most points in a season (215). He also holds the record for the fastest to 50 goals (39 games).

How many Points did Wayne Gretzky get in one season for a NHL record?

In 1981 - 1982 he had 212 regular season points. 92 goals and 120 assists.

Who is the best NHL player of all time?

Wayne gretzky-he holds many records in the nhl like the most assists in a season

Most points by an NHL player in 1 season?

Wayne Gretzky 92 goals 123 assists. It will never be broken. Never.

How many assist did Wayne Gretzky get in his carer?

In the career of The Great One, he has scored 1,963 assists. The most he has scored in a single season is 163

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the New York Rangers?

Gretzky played for the Rangers from the 1996-97 season to the 1998-99 season.

What is the NHL record for goals?

season- Wayne Gretzky 92 ever- Wayne Gretzky 892

What is NHL record for the most goals?

season- Wayne Gretzky 92 ever- Wayne Gretzky 892

Who has Most playoff goals one season?


In what season did Wayne Gretzky score the most NHL points?

215 points season

When did Wayne Gretzky score 92 goals in a season?

in the 1981-1982 season of hockey

Most goals in NHL season?

Wayne Gretzky 92

Who scored most goals in NHL season?

Wayne gretzky

When did Wayne Gretzky start coaching?

2005-2006 season

Most NHL goals in a season?

Wayne Gretzky with 92

Did Wayne Gretzky have a brother in the NHL?

Yes he did his name was dwayne gretzky and he broke 51 nhl records, he won 5 stanley cups all in a row with the new york islanders and he scored 256 goals and 135 assists in one season

What year did Wayne Gretzky retire?

Before the 1999-2000 season.

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his rookie season?


What hockey player in the NHL had the most goals in a season?

wayne gretzky

Which playoff season did Wayne Gretzky have a scoring slump?

1991 playoffs