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Montreal beat Quebec 16-3

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Q: What was the highest scoring team in nhl history?
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What is the highest scoring in the NHL by one team?


Who are the highest point scoring family in NHL history?

The Gretzky

Who is the highest scoring European in NHL history?

Jaromir Jagr is with 646G, 953A and 1599 points

What is was the highest scoring NHL Series?


Which NHL team has scored the most regular season goals in total in its history?

It should come as no surprise that the Edmonton Oilers of 1983-84 (the heyday of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri etc) are the highest-scoring team in history. They found the net 446 times.

Highest scoring shoutout in the NHL?

Oilers over Canadiens 19-0.

What is the highest scoring NHL game in 2008?

The NHL All-Star Game East beats West 8-7

What is the highest scoring NHL all-star game?

The highest scoring Maple Leafs game was against the Montreal Canadiens. It was the Toronto St. Patrick's (now known as the Leafs) vs Montreal Canadiens. Final Score: 14-7 Montreal wins!!

Which nhl defenceman have lead their team in scoring?

coffey streit potvin leetch orr

What was the highest scoring NHL series?

between the flyers and penguins with 45 goals in 4 games in counting

Highest score in NHL?

The highest score in NHL history was by the San Jose Sharks when they beat the Anaheim Ducks in 1972, and the score was 17-1.

Any nhl team with shutouts recorded against every other team in the nhl in its franchise history?

Montreal Canadians