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It should come as no surprise that the Edmonton Oilers of 1983-84 (the heyday of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri etc) are the highest-scoring team in history. They found the net 446 times.

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Q: Which NHL team has scored the most regular season goals in total in its history?
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Which player scored the most goals in the history of the Canadiens?

Maurice Richard with 544 regular season goals.

Who has scored the most goals in the history of the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky - 894 regular season goals and 122 playoff goals for a total of 1016.

Which defenseman scored the most goals in a season?

Paul Coffey holds the record for most goals scored by a defenseman in both the regular season and playoffs: 1985-86 regular season: 48 goals 1985 playoffs: 12 goals

How many career goals did Wayne Gretzky score?

Wayne Gretzky started his pro career in the old WHA where he scored 46 regular season goals and 10 playoff goals. In the NHL, Gretzky scored 894 regular season goals and another 122 in the playoffs . Taking his pro career regular season and playoff scoring as a total , Wayne Gretzky scored 1062 goals. He also scored a total of 218 childhood goals which in total is 1290 goals.

How many goals has tottenham scored this season?

they have scored 9 goals this season

How many goals did Maurice Richard score in the regular season play from 1942 to 1962?

544 goals he scored.

Who scored the most goals for qpr in history?

Bert Bacharach 32 season he scored 946 goals all with his head!!!!! AWESOME GUY!!!

Who has scored the most goals of the season?

Josef Bican has scored 61 goals in one season

How many goals for Sidney Crosby 2007-2008?

Crosby scored 24 goals in the regular season and 6 in the playoffs

How many goals did Bryan McCabe score during the 2002-03 Regular season?

McCabe scored six goals.

How many goals has Sidney Crosby scored since he started playing NHL?

132 regular NHL season goals and 24 platoff goals.

How many goals did Robert Probert have?

Robert Probert scored 162 regular season goals during his NHL career, and 16 playoff goals.

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