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I don't know about the minor leagues, but the largest difference in the major leagues is 30-3 (27 runs).

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Q: What was the greatest score differential in a pro baseball game?
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What was the Greatest score differential pro football game?

In the NFL - 73 points - 1940 NFL championship game - Chicago Bears 73, Washington Redskins 0

What is the NFL game with the largest score differential?

It was the 1940 NFL championship game, where the Bears beat the Redskins by a score of 73-0.

What is the biggest score differential in an NFL game?

I would say 73 points since the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0 in an NFL Championship game on December 8th, 1940. Not only did Chicago kill the Redskins but they also set a record for most points in a game set by one team so 73 points has to be the biggest score differential in an NFL game.

Why is baseball the greatest game in the world?

Baseball is not the greatest game in the world. However, polo is the game you want to play. sign up at to join our team.

Highest scoring college baseball game?

The highest score collage baseball game is 23 26

What was the highest score in a baseball game?


How do you keep score in a softball game?

The same as baseball

What is the object of a baseball game?

To score the most runs

What does the score of a successfully protested baseball game become?

The game will continue from the point of the protest.

What is the greatest deficit overcome in a baseball game?

in an all star game the biggest run deficit overcome is: 5 runs from the game played in 1955 score was 5 to 0 and won it 6-5 Stan the man hit a solo home run in the 12th inning.

How do you score the game baseball?

When you touch the plate. That is a called a run.

Which is the only game besides cricket were you score runs?


What do game scores mean in a box score in baseball?


What is the highest score of a baseball game?

Texas rangers 30-3

What do you call a baseball game when the pitcher allows no runs to score?

A shutout.

What is the concept of baseball?

the concept of baseball is to score more runs than your opponent before the game ends

What is the object of baseball?

The object of a single game in baseball is to score more runs than the other team.

What is the highest score for a MBL single baseball game?

I believe it was 75 to 3

What was the highest score in a professional baseball game at Yankee Stadium?

891 to 890.5

What's the score of the tampa bay rays baseball game?

Their season is over.

How many runs can a baseball team score in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game to win the game?

The team only has to make one point. As long as they have a higher score than the other team.

What score is recorded for an unplayed forfieted game in major league baseball?


What was the score of the first baseball game ever played?

2-0 i just know it.

What was the highest scoring baseball game?

the highest scoring baseball game was recorded on June 8th, 1995. The game was in Chicago it was the Chicago cubs and the Philidelphia Phillies the score was 27 to 25 in the 2oth Inning.

What was the score of the Chicago Cubs baseball game played June 25 1876?

Score was Chicago 3 vs the Cincinaty Red Stokings 2