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The first volleyball was made from different types of leather. These were smaller than present and quite lighter.

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Q: What was the first volleyball look like?
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What did the first volleyball look like?

it looked like ur mudder , big and round

What do the volleyball shoes look like?

They look like cross-sport shoes. See related links for images. Like volleyball shoes.

What does a volleyball look like now?

This is what the average volleyball now a days looks like. This is what the average volleyball now a days looks like.

What was volleyball first known as?

Volleyball was first known as Mintonette.

When was volleyball first played?

Volleyball was first played in 1896.

How do you make a phrase that put together the history of volleyball indoors outdoors volleyball and the rules of volleyball?

think, look up the rules for both indoor and outdoor volleyball and make a phrase that's like catchy or something (:

How do you say you like volleyball in spanish?

I like volleyball: Me gusta voleibol. I like to play volleyball: Me gusta jugar voleibol.You say it like this: Me gusta el volleyball.

Who likes to play volleyball?

volleyball players and people who like volleyball

What did the first telegraph look like?

what did the first telegraph look like?

What was the first name for volleyball?

Volleyball was originally called mintonette.

When was volleyball first introduced in the olympic games?

1964 for indoor volleyball and 1996 for beach volleyball.

Who was the first person to play volleyball?

The first person to play volleyball was William Morgan, and his daughters.

Who was the first African American woman to play volleyball?

First african american to play volleyball?

How do you say I like volleyball in French?

J'aime le volleyball

What year did they start playing volleyball?

In 1895, volleyball was first invented.

What is the most popular serving technique in volleyball?

The jump serve is the most popular serving technique in volleyball. If you are going to try it, then be careful because it might look easy but at first it isnt.

Who were the first players of volleyball?

The first exhibition match of volleyball was played in 1896 at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Who was the first person to know volleyball in the Philippines?

the first Filipino played volleyball in the Philippines is Tero HakaSe...

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What is a sentence about volleyball without using like or as?

I enjoy playing volleyball.

Do ltaly like volleyball?

Italy is famous for volleyball, so yes they do.

Where were volleyball and judo first introduced into the Olympics?

Volleyball and judo were first introduced into the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, in 1964.

Where was the first volleyball game?

The first volleyball game was played in 1895 and was probably played afew days after William G. Morgan invented the volleyball in Holyoke, Massachusetts

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