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Mark Wohlers and Joel Zumaya have both been clocked at 103

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Q: What was the fastest pitches ever?
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Is Nolan Ryan the fastest pither ever?

No. He had one of the fastest pitches ever, but not the fastest. Bob Feller, a hall of famer, who played for the Cleveland Indians from 1936-1941, served in the navy from 1941-1945, then came back and finished his carreer with the Indians from 1945-1956, had the fastest fastball ever clocked at 107.9 mph.

Who pitches the fastest in softball?

Brooke Nadolny

Fastest thing ever?

light is the fastest

Who was the fastest pitcher ever?

Satchel Paige was the fastest pitcher ever witnessed

Who is the fastest man ever?

the fastest person ever is usain bolt from jamaca

Fastest runner ever in a marrathon?

ben lowry is the worlds fastest runner ever

Who is ever fastest bowler of India?

The ever fastest Indian bowler is Ishant Sharma.

What is the fastest recorded speed ever on skeleton?

the fastest speed ever is 12874.97 mph

Who is the fastest person that ever lived?

The fastest person who ever lived is Usain bolt.

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

What are two example sentences for the plural of pitch?

Pitches is the plural of the word pitch.Some example sentences are:The pitches were flooded in the rainstorms.He pitches his business to potential investors.

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded?

The top 5 fastest Pitches ever recorded were... 1. John Smoltz...............112 mph 2. Nolan Ryan................106 mph 3.Eric Sjoberg................104 mph 4.Joel Zumaya................103 mph 5.Armando Benitez.........102 mph

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