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July 29, 1980.

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Q: What was the date when Indian hockey team won gold in 1980 Olympics?
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What date was the moscow Olympics in 1980?

The 1980 Moscow Olympics opened on the 19th of July and closed on the 3rd of August.

How many silver medal did India won till date in hockey in Olympics field hockey in Olympics history?

In field hockey, India has won 8 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals to date. All medals are from the men's competition.

How many golds has india won in field hockey in the olympics to date?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, 8: 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1980

What date did the gold medal hockey game between the US and Finland in 1980 occur?

Feburary 24, 1980.

How many Olympic medals has the Indian Hockey team won to date?

By 2008, the Indian hockey team had achieved a total of 14 medals, predominantly bronze.

When did president Carter announce boycotting the Olympics?

March 21, 1980 was the date that Carter told the Olympic athletes that they would not be going to to the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow.

First phagun 1980 what date of English month?

1st phagun is Indian month 1980 wat date of English month? pls some halp me

What is the original date of birth Indian actor zayed khan 5th July 1980 or 27th April 1980?

Zayed Khan was born on July 5, 1980.

Indian medal winners at the Olympics till date?

India have competed at 22 Summer Olympic Games to date winning a total of 20 medals, they have also competed at 7 Winter Olympics without yet winning a medal. The 22 medalists have been: # Norman Pritchard - silver - men's 200m - 1900 Paris # Norman Pritchard - silver - men's 200m hurdles - 1900 Paris # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1928 Amsterdam # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1932 Los Angeles # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1936 Berlin # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1948 London # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1952 Helsinki # Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav - bronze - wrestling - 1952 Helsinki # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1956 Melbourne # Indian National Team - silver- mens field hockey - 1960 Rome # Indian National Team - gold- mens field hockey - 1964 Tokyo # Indian National Team - bronze - mens field hockey - 1968 Mexico # Indian National Team - bronze - mens field hockey - 1972 Munich # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1980 Moscow # Leander Paes - bronze - Mens singles tennis - 1996 Atlanta # Karnam Malleswari - bronze - womens weightlifting - 2000 Sydney # Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore - silver - mens shooting - 2004 Athens # Abhinav Bindra - gold - mean air rifle shooting - 2008 Beijing # Sushil Kumar - bronze - wrestling - 2008 Beijing # Vijender Kumar - bronze Mens boxing - 2008 Beijing The first two medals are crediited to India by the IOC whereas the International committees credit the medals to Great Britain

What is the copyright date for The Indian In The Cupboad?

There are several works by that title. The book by Lynne Reid Banks is from 1980.

What if a guy asks you on a hockey date?

He may be referring to taking you on a date to an actual Hockey game. There is no secret meaning or sexually suggestive meaning for "hockey date" findable on the internet

When is the date of the Olympics and what date did they finish?

the olympics start in july the 27th and ends in august

What year was ice hockey invented?

It was invented some year in the 1900's.It was 1st played in the summer Olympics in 1920 and 1st played in the winter Olympics in 1924! Follow me on twitter @HutcherJayBritish soldiers and immigrants started itThere is no documented proof to verify a date as to when the sport of hockey was actually invented.Ice Hockey was first played on March 3, 1875 at the Victoria skating Rink in MontrealThe recorded date for ice hockey was in 1855, when British soldiers from Kingston, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotica played the first game.

What was the date of nagpanchami festival in the year 1980?

In the year 1980, the festival of Nag Panchami was held on August 15. This is an Indian and Nepalese festival celebrating snakes or serpents.

What date is mcmlxxx?

The date is 1980.

Date and day of rakshabandhan in 1980?

1980 raksha bandhan date and time

On what date were the first Olympics held?

April 6, 1896 1896 Summer Olympics, Start date

Where is this years winter Olympics and the date?

it is in london um im not sure what the date is though There is no Winter Olympics this year. The next Winter Olympics will be in 2014.

What date is the London 2012 Olympics going to start and end on?

the date that the Olympics that are going to end in August time

What date is the olipics on?

The winter Olympics are in 2010 The summer Olympics are in 2012

How many gold medals has India won to date in field hockey?

Through the 2008 Games, India has won 8 gold medals in field hockey, in the years 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964 and 1980.

What date will the Olympics open?


What date will the Olympics on?

July 27

Has Ghana hosted the Olympics?

Not to date

What is the date of vijayadasami in 1980?

What is the day of vijayadasami in 1980