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The English Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton on Wednesday 22/04/2009 finished 0-0.

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Q: What was the chealsea and everton score?
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Top five champion teams in English football?

Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester United, Chealsea,Everton

What was the score when Liverpool and Everton 2010 February?

Everton 2-1

What was the score of the last everton fc game?

Everton 2 - 1 Fulham ps. everton rule!

What score was everton vs real Madrid 2013?

Everton 1-2 Real Madrid.

Who did Kevin Campbell score a hat trick for?

Kevin Cambell scored a hat trick for Everton. He is also the first black captain of Everton.

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

When did Rooney score his hundredth goal?

in 2011 against his forma club everton

What was the score in the 2009 FA cup final?

Chelsea 2- Everton 1.

What was the score of Man City V everton 11 Feb 1986?

Everton 4-0 Man City (I don't have the scorers to hand though).

What was the score when Liverpool and Everton were against each other February 2010?

2.0 to Liverpool

Did a player called never score a goal in the fa cup final?

yes for everton

Why is chealsea staub called chealsea Kane?

Because shes married