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the world cup where Italy won it well that's the biggest event for me even tho i English

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What is the biggest sports event on Earth?

The World cup!

What is the biggest sports event in America?

America's biggest single event is the Indianapolis 500 with an attendance of around 300,000 people.

How did Greece influence sports today?

They invented the Olympics which is the biggest sports event in the world!

What is the biggest annual sports event?

Football world cup

What is the biggest pay per view sports event?

Depending on your location, Wrestlemania and any UFC event is one of the biggest pay per view sporting events.

What is the last sports event taking place in the 2008 Winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2008.

What is an athletic event?

An athletic event is an even that involves sports or competition. For example, the Olympics are considered the biggest and most well known athletic event.

Interesting events that happened in soccer?

The creation of the FIFA World Cup, it is the biggest sports event in the world.

What is the famous sport in February?

The Super Bowl is played in February. This is the biggest sports event in American football.

Is the Olympics the biggest event?

It is the biggest sporting event.

What was a big thing that happend in 2008?

Perhaps the biggest event of the year 2008 was the US Presidential election in which Barack Obama was elected President.

What are the biggest sports events in America?

Is this question singular or plural, if it is singular that means that it is one event, if it is plural that means it is several

What is the biggest sporting event watched by most people?

Football world cup 2010 has about 715.1 million people who watched the final. It is the world's most widely viewed sports event today.

Is it good to have caffeine before you participate in a sports event?

No it is not good to have caffeine before a sports event

What is a event comprising of five sports called?

a event comprising of five sports is called a pentathlon

Where online can I purchase some sports tickets in the Boston area?

Ticketmaster sells most sporting event tickets. They are the biggest supplier and can be accessed at

What sporting event was re-introduced from the 1924 Olympics to the 2012 olympics?

There were none of the 26 Sports not played in 2008 and there were 2 Softball and Baseball played in 2008 and not in 2012. You might mean an event , but definitely it was not a sport or even a discipline

Why is the world cup described as the biggest sports event in the world?

because there are th most teams competing to get to that stage and soccer is the most popular sport in the world

Dick button peggy Fleming and Dorothy hamill were all superstars in which sports event?

your moms sports event

What is a prearranged sporting event?

a prearranged sports event is a sporting event that was arranged before playing the game itself like in all of sports unless its back yard sports, but you can still prearrange those to

Did the English invent any sports?

What sports did the English event

Where is the biggest JD sports?

Warrington golden square is by far the biggest

What is the biggest sports stadium in the US?

biggest soccer stadium in usa

How many sports are in the 2008 sports?

a lot

Biggest sporting event?

The Olympics