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It is the biggest sporting event.

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Q: Is the Olympics the biggest event?
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Biggest sporting event?

The Olympics

What was the biggest sporting event in Europe in June 2012?

the olympics

What is the biggest sporting event for a teenager?

Olympics, College, High School Athletics!

How did Greece influence sports today?

They invented the Olympics which is the biggest sports event in the world!

Is the world gymnaestrada bigger then the Olympics?

The Olympics has more country's but the gymnaestrada is the biggest participant event in the world with double the amount of participants.

What is an athletic event?

An athletic event is an even that involves sports or competition. For example, the Olympics are considered the biggest and most well known athletic event.

Is WrestleMania the biggest sporting event?

no it's not. The biggest sportingevent is the fifa world cup. it's even bigger than the Olympics

What is the biggest tv sporting event?

According to wikipedia, the sporting event with the largest TV audience worldwide is the FIFA World Cup, followed by the Summer Olympics. The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event period in the United States.

Do the Olympics have boxing as an event?

yes they do have a boxing event in the olympics

Is gymnaestrada bigger then the Olympics?

The Olympics is know as the biggest sporting event in the world and is held every four years in a different country. The gymnaestrada is also held every four years in a different country around the world. There are around 12,000 athletes in the Olympics but there are over 20,000 gymnasts in the gymnaestrada making it the biggest sporting event in the world for participants.

What Olympic event takes place after the Olympics?

No other event occurs after the Olympics. What about the Winter Olympics for snow type events and then the para Olympics.

What is the biggest sporting event?

it was originally the Olympics but know it is the fifa world cup also the European cup attracts a lot of people .

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