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13:21.87 on 26th June 1974 in Helsinki

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14.32 14.32

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Q: What was Steve prefontaine's fastest 5k time?
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What is winning time for a 5k?

The fastest time recorded for the race.

What is a good 5k speed?

Chris Everts of SWFl ran the worlds fastest 5k with a time of 13:17 back in nov. 12, 2008

What is the worlds fastest 5 K?

The world record for the fastest 5K race is 12 minutes and 37 seconds, set by Joshua Cheptegei in 2020.

Time it takes to run a 5k?

my fastest time is (im eleven) 25 mins and 22 secs. but the average time(for an adult) is between 30-40 mins. :)

What is the fastest 5k run by a 6 year old girl?

Bailey my daughter ran a 5k at the age of 6 in 29:42 at the Got Friends 5k in Clemmons, NC.

What is the fastest 5K run by a 19 year old?

According to the No Excuses 5K race, 14:51 for females and 13:11 for males.

What is the fastest 10K race for a twelve year old?

The fastest 5K for a 12-year-old girl is 16:17, according to the No Excuses 5K. (14:52 for 12-year-old boys.)

What is the fastest 5k ran by a 8 yr old boy?

Mayson Levandoski 24:06 10-20-12 official chip time.

What is the fastest 5k time?

5 kilometers, FYI for those non-metric folks 1k=0.62 miles, so 5k = 3.1 miles

Fastest 5k time for a 9 year old?

24:06 by Mayson Levandoski. RUN THRU THE RAPIDS 10-20-12 Official chip time . Not even close. Braden Griffin ran the Tulip Time 5K in 2013 with an official chip time of 21:01! see link:

What is an average 5K time?

20 minutes is an average tome for a 5k race.

What is the fastest 5K time ran by an 11 year old?

The fastest time ever ran by an 11 year old girl was 5:43, by Mackenzie Gray. I do not know how you prove who has the fastest time. However, in Arcata Califorinia Chloe Pigg ran a 5:39 plus at Humboldt State University on 4/4/09. Six Rivers Running club has the the recorded time. She is 11 years old.