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Q: What was OJ Simpson's first number with the Buffalo Bills?
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What number pick was CJ Spiller in the first round of the draft?

#9 - selected by the Buffalo Bills

What are the first three digits of the simpsons phone number in the simpsons?


When was the first meeting the Cowboys and Bills played in Buffalo?

The first time the Cowboys and Bills played in Buffalo was Week 1 of the 1971 season. The Cowboys won that game 49-37.

Who was the first pick in the 1972 NFL Draft?

Walt Patulski by the Buffalo Bills

Who was the first team in history to lose 3 super bowls?

buffalo bills

What year was it when the Buffalo Bills made it to thhere first super bowl?


What year did the buffalo all-americans change there name to the Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo All-Americans and the Buffalo Bills are two distinct organizations. The All Americans played in the early days of the NFL, between 1920 and 1923. The Buffalo All Americans franchise folded after the 1923 season. They were ressurected as the Buffalo Bisons, who played until 1929. It should be noted that the Bisons, because of financial reasons did not play football in 1928. The first Buffalo Bills team played in the All-America Conference from 1946 to 1949, although originally the Buffalo Bisons for the 1946 season. A contest to find a new name for the team resulted in the original Buffalo Bills. The team folded with the league after the 1949 season. The AFL Buffalo Bills were not started as a franchise until 1959, playing their first season in 1960.

Which NFL team was the first to LOSE four Super Bowl games in a row?

the buffalo bills

What was the Buffalo Bills record in 2006?

The Bills finished 7-9 in 2006, which was head coach Dick Juaron's first season as head coach.

What are the first three digits of the simpsons phone number?

it's 777

Who scored the first touchdown in lucas oil stadium as a pro in preseason?

Xavier Omon-Buffalo Bills

What team did the Buffalo Bills win against to get in their first Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills first Super Bowl appearance was in the 1990 season. The Bills qualified for Super Bowl XXV by beating the Miami Dolphins in the divisional round and the Los Angeles Raiders in the AFC Championship game. Divisional Playoff 1/12/1991 Buffalo 44 Miami 34 AFC Championship Game 1/20/1991 Buffalo 51 LA Raiders 3