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Q: Is Trent Edwards still the first string quarterback for the Buffalo Bills?
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Who is the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback?

The starting quarterback is Trent Edwards

Who was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2008?

Trent Edwards.

Who was the current Buffalo Bills quarterback?

The current Buffalo Bills quarterback is Trent Edwards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is the back up.-----As of Nov 19 2009, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been named the starter.

Who was the Buffalo Bills quarterback after Jim kelley?

Todd Collins succeeded Jim Kelly as the Buffalo Bills Starting Quarterback.

Who is the bills quarterback?

The current starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is Ryan Fitzpatrick (#14).

Who is the quarterback of Buffalo Bills?


When did jack kemp play for the Buffalo Bills?

Before he switched to the political arena, Jack Kemp was a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills from 1962 to 1969.

Who was the Buffalo Bills quarterback during their four Super Bowls?

Jim Kelly

What is vince young doing today?

Presently he is backup quarterback with the Buffalo Bills.

Is their an NFL quarterback that graduated from Harvard?

Ryan fitzpatrick Buffalo Bills... the Amish rifle!

6 Who was the starting Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills during the 1986 NFL season?

Jim Kelly

What Buffalo Bills quarterback lost 4 Super Bowls?

Mark christie