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The Bills finished 7-9 in 2006, which was head coach Dick Juaron's first season as head coach.

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Q: What was the Buffalo Bills record in 2006?
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Who was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2006?

Dick Jauron was the head coach for the Buffalo Bills in 2006.

What is the Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys all time record?

The record is Buffalo Bills 5 wins, Dallas cowboys 3 wins.

Who has the better record since 1999 the Oakland Raiders or the Buffalo Bills?


Buffalo Bills record 1998?

In 1998 the Bills went 10-6.

What is the Jacksonville Jaguars record against Buffalo Bills?

The Jaguars are 3-5 against the Bills.

How many AFC Championship games have the Buffalo Bills played?

The Buffalo Bills have played in 6 AFC championship games and have a 4-2 record in them. The Bills have had some quality years and a 4-2 record in a good one.

Where are the Buffalo Bills from?

the buffalo bills are from buffalo NY

When was the last time the Buffalo Bills went to the super bowl?


Who is better Buffalo Bills or New York Jets?

According to the 2010 NFL season record, the New York Jets are better than the Buffalo Bills.

How many playoff wins do the Buffalo Bills have?

The Buffalo Bills have been to 19 playoffs and 4 Super Bowls since 1963. Their standing record for the playoffs is 14-15 and their record for Super Bowls is 0-4.

What is the win loss record between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills?

The win loss record between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills is: Miami has 51 wins 34 losses and 1 draw Buffalo has 34 wins 51 losses and 1 draw

What NFL team with the worst record won the SB?

Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills

What was the name of the buffalo bills before they were named the buffalo bills?

They have always been called the Buffalo Bills!

What Buffalo Bills Player wore?

A buffalo bills jersey?

When was Buffalo Bills created?

Buffalo Bills was created in 1960.

What are the release dates for NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills 5-48?

NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills 5-48 was released on: USA: 1 December 2010

Who owns Buffalo Bills?

Ralph Wilson owns the buffalo bills

Who is better Buffalo Bills or New England Patriots?

Buffalo Bills

Why are the NFL bills called the Buffalo Bills?

Buffalo bill Cody

As of 2006 how many Super Bowls have the Buffalo Bills won?

The Bills lost four consecutive Super Bowls from 1990-93.

What information does Buffalo Bills News present?

The Buffalo Bills News gives news, reviews, gossip and all information related to the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York.

Where did dick jaurom coach?

He was the head coach for the Buffalo Bills from 2006 until November 2009.

What is the all time win loss record between the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders?

They have never played

The 2003 Buffalo Bills disappointing 6-10 record cost which coach his job?

Gregg Williams.

Which state has the Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills play in the State of New York.