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Q: What was Michael Jordan's number when he played for the Chicago Bulls?
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What number was Michael Jordan when he played for Chicago bulls?

Number 23

Did the NBA retire Michael Jordans number?

The number 23 has been retired in honor of Michael Jordan by the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. While Jordan never played for the Heat, his number was honored by Miami by General Manager Pat Riley. The Washington Wizards, for whom Jordan played in 2001-2003, have unofficially retired his number and have not reissued it since Jordan wore it for his final game.

Who played number 23 on chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan

Who played Jordans brother in Crossing Jordan?

Michael T. Weiss

What was the first team Michael Jordan played against in the NBA?

Accoring to the Chicago Bulls defeated the Washington Bullets on 10/26/84 which would be Jordans first Regular season game.

Where do Michael Jordans boys play basketball?

Marcus played at University of Central Florida Jeffrey played at the University of Illinois

Michael Jordan was what number when he played for the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23 with the Bulls.

What is Michael Jordan known for?

Michael Jordan is known for his great ability to play basketball. he played in only 2 teams in his whole career Chicago buls and the Washington wizards. he played in both teams as the number 23.

Why does Kobe Bryant wear the number 24?

maybe cause its one over Michael Jordans 23... or has won 3 champion ship when he changed.... 3 x 8 = 24... but i dont know maybe cause its one over Michael Jordans 23... or has won 3 champion ship when he changed.... 3 x 8 = 24... but i dont know 24 was Kobe's number when he played high school basketball at Lower Merion HS, PA.

Did Michael Jordan played on 2 NBA teams?

Yes, Michael Jordan played on the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards.

What team did Michael Jordan play for?

he played for the chicago bulls

Which teams did Michael Jordan played for?

The wizards and chicago bulls

What movie and television projects has Michael Pfleger been in?

Michael Pfleger has: Played himself in "Red Eye" in 2007. Played Himself - Chicago Catholic Priest in "Just In with Laura Ingraham" in 2008. Played himself in "King in Chicago" in 2008. Played himself in "Hype: The Obama Effect" in 2008. Played Himself, priest, Chicago in "After Newtown: Guns in America" in 2013.

The first team Michael Jordan played for in the nba?

Chicago bulls

Why is number 23 famous for sports people?

Michael Jordan wore number 23, with the exception of a short period of time, when he played professional basketball with the Chicago Bulls and, later, the Washington Wizards.

Was Michael Jordan in the lakers team?

No. Michael Jorand played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

Which Chicago Bulls player also played professional baseball?

Michael Jordan played for the white sox

Did John Stick play for the Chicago Cubs?

John Michael Stick played for the Chicago cubs back in 2006/2007

What position did Michael jordan play?

Michael was a professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. During his career, Michael played the position of a shooting guard.

What teams has Michael Jordan played for?

Wizards and BullsChicago Bulls

Who played Guard after Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls?

Hershey Hawkins

What was the first team NBA team that Michael Jordan played for?

Chicago Bulls

What NBA basketball team did Michael Jordan play for?

He played with the Chicago Bulls.

What was the Chicago Bulls Home intro song when Michael Jordan played for them?


What are facts about Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan was 6' 6" tall. He went to the University Of North Carolina. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and was rookie of the year. He had seven scoring titles and six NBA championships. He played with the number 23 but had number 45 at one point in his career.