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Michael Jordan is known for his great ability to play Basketball. he played in only 2 teams in his whole career Chicago buls and the Washington Wizards. he played in both teams as the number 23.

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2011-09-13 16:59:59
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Q: What is Michael Jordan known for?
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Why is Michael Jordan well known?

Michael Jordan is well known because of his legendary basketball moves.

What was Michael Jordan known for?

playing basketball

What is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player known for his participation with the Chicago Bulls. He is also known for golfing and a minor acting career.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan?

The late great Michael Jackson was an entertainer, also known as the King of Pop. Michael Jordan is a retired basketball player, also known as His Airness.

What qualities is Michael Jordan known for?

his lay ups

What is Michael Jordan's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Michael Jordan is not known at this time.

What is Michael Jordan's official fan email address?

An official fan e-mail address for Michael Jordan is not known at this time.

Did Michael Jordan play for the Washington bullets?

The Washington Bullets is now known as the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan played with the team while it was known as the Bullets from 2001 to 2003.

Where can one purchase Michael Jordan heels?

Michael Jordan is mainly known for his skills on the basketball court but there is also a line of shoes named after him. One could find Michael Jordan heels from the Michael Jordan online store or from other local department stores.

Who is more famous Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is more famous, he is known all over the world, Michael Jordan is also very famous but not on the same level as Michael Jackson.

What is Michael Jordan best known for?

Michael Jordan is known for making the first slam dunk of any person in the NBA. He is known for being one of the best basketball players in the United States. He is best known for playing in the Chicago Bulls.

Whose known for fade away jump shots?

Michael Jordan

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