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Q: What was Joba Chamberlain's ERA in 2007?
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What is Joba Chamberlains uniform number?

Joba Chamberlain wears number 62 for the Yankees.

Joba chamberlains name before he changed it?

Joba Chamberlain's birth name is Justin Louis Chamberlain.

What was Joba Chamberlain's ERA for the Yankees during his late-season stint as a reliever in 2007?

Era of 0.38

What was Joba Chamberlains real name?

Joba Chamberlain's birth name was Justin Chamberlain. According to the Yankees, one of Joba's nieces was unable to pronounce Justin, saying Joba instead of Justin. He preferred this and eventually had his name legally changed from Justin to Joba. According to his birthname was Justin Louis Heath. When Joba (then Justin) was a little boy, his two-year-old cousin was unable to pronounce her brother (Joba's other cousin) Joshua's name correctly, pronouncing it as Joba instead. Harlan Chamberlain (father) heard this and liked the nickname, so he began referring to Justin (instead of cousin Joshua) as Joba. Harlan said the name was "dynamic." Joba agreed, and eventually had his name legally changed.

When did baseball player Joba Chamberlain play?

Joba Chamberlain debuted on August 7, 2007 and played his final game on September 27, 2013.

On what date did Joba Chamberlain record his first save?

September 23, 2007 vs. Toronto

How many earned runs did Joba Chamberlain allow during the 2007 regular season?


What is Joba Arriba's population?

Joba Arriba's population is 7,109.

What is Joba Chamberlain's birthday?

Joba Chamberlain was born on September 23, 1985.

When was Joba Chamberlain born?

Joba Chamberlain was born on September 23, 1985.

What is the area of Joba Arriba?

The area of Joba Arriba is 152 square kilometers.

Does Joba Chamberlain have any girlfriends?

Joba has many girlfriends if you believe the media. Joba has one son, Karter, who is being raised by the mother, Alicia Mueller, in Nebraska. Joba supports the child but is not in a romantic relationship with the mother.

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