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Q: What university has the longest football season winning streak?
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What is the longest regulars season winning streak in college football at the present time?

The University of Alabama has a 24 game regular season winning streak. Florida has a twenty game regular season winning streak and overall a twenty two game winning streak with one regular season game left.

Who is the only team in big 12 football to have winning record every season?

University of Texas

What are top ten winning streaks in high school football?

Longest winning streak is 64 games starting in the 1966 season at Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, IL

Is 8 and 8 a winning season in football?


Has the university of Miami and university of southern California ever played football?

Through the 2008 season, Miami and USC have met twice in football (1966, 1968) with each team winning once.

Against what team do the Packers have the longest regular-season home winning streak?

Against what team do the green bay Packers have the longest regular-season home winning streak?

What season did the oilers post there longest winning streak?


Which team in serie a had the longest winning streak?

AC Roma is the team in Serie A that has had the longest winning streak of 10 games in the 2013 2014 season.

What years has auburn university play Fresno state in football?

1996 was the only season the two schools played with Auburn winning, 62-0.

Which quarterback holds the longest winning streak?

Tom Brady holds the NFL record for the longest winning streak at 21 games. Jim McMahon won 23 consecutive regular season starts plus his 3 post seasons starts between the 1985-1987 seasons. Chuck Ealey, University of Toledo, holds the longest win streak in college football, going a perfect 35-0 over his collegiate career.

How many times have the Ohio University Bobcats played Ohio State University in football?

Through the 2010 season, 7 times with Ohio State winning all 7 games.

What was the Phoenix Suns longest winning streak this year?

2009-10 season was 11. This season was 5.

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