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Chuck Ealey, University of Toledo'69-'71, 35-0

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2009-09-12 04:44:02
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Q: What Division 1A college football quarterback holds the longest winning streak?
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Which Division 2 college football team has the longest losing streak?

Lock Haven

Who has the best distance football throw?

What is the Distance a longest pass in football has ever been? What is the average college quarterback's pass? Is there an actual record book on this type of question?

What is the top college win streak in college history?

the longest win streak in Division 1 College Football history is: Oklahoma - 47 wins - 1953-1957.

What University currently owns the longest home game winning streak in Division 1 football?

BYU currently holds the longest home game winning streak in college football with 18 wins

Longest college football winning streak?

universality of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the longest winning streak in all of college football

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

Which college football teams have the longest current losing streaks in each division?

Longest College Football Losing StreaksAs of Oct. 2013, Southern Miss. has the longest losing streak at 0-18 & It extends back to 2 years ago (Starting in 2012-13 school year). New Mexico has the 2nd.

Who has the longest current winning streak in NCAA division 1 football?

The Ohio Stat university with 17 wins longest current winning streak in division 1 ncaa football

Who is the longest serving division 1 football coach?

Joe Paterno

What is the longest college football pass?

99 years

What was the longest college football sack?

6000 yards

What team in any division of college football currently has the longest losing streak?

Heading into the 2008 season Southern Methodist, Idaho and Minnesota share the nation's longest losing streak at 10 games.

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