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According to their respective websites: Harvard has 39 sports Ohio State has 36 teams
Princeton has 36 teams
Stanford has 35 teams

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Q: What universities sponsor the most NCAA sports?
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Which colleges or universities have the most NCAA violations since 1992?

ohio state

What organization oversees most US college sports?

The NCAA oversees most U.S. college sports.

What is the most common mascot in NCAA Division 1 sports?


Which NCAA conference has the most championships in all sports?

Probably Florida

What college program has the most titles in all sports?

The answer to this question is tricky. There are several different 'titles' that have been won since universities began competing in sports. There are NCAA titles which go back several decades (sorry, I do not know the history of the NCAA, but they have a website: The NCAA gives out 'titles' to teams and to individuals. There have been other institutions before the NCAA that gave out 'titles' to universities. The only definitive answer that I know of, is based on NCAA team titles. UCLA has won 104 team titles with Stanford and USC in second and third with fifteen-to-twenty less team titles.

What is the second and third most profitable NCAA sports?

womens college basketball

Who has won the most NCAA championships in all sports?

For the category of Division I sports in the men's and women's field, the university that has the most NCAA championships is UCLA. They have 109 as of 2012. Stanford is next with 103, followed by USC with 96.

Where can one purchase NCAA apparel?

Official NCAA apparel can be obtained from most sporting goods stores, stores run by the schools themselves, and in limited cases directly from the NCAA at Shop NCAA Sports.

What NCAA conference has the most national championships in all sports?

Pac-10 with 400

Which ncaa school has the most national championship titles in college sports?

Ucla (UCLA)

What university has won the most NCAA titles in sports?

UCLA has 11 National Championships in Basketball

Which NCAA conference has the most national championships in all sports combined?

Pac 10 with 400

What ncaa conference has the most national titles total for all sports?

PAC 10, by far

Which NCAA conference has won the most national titles from all major sports?

SEC in football

What is division one baseball?

The most likely answer is the Division I of the NCAA, which is one of three divisions of colleges and universities based on several factors.

Where can one find an NCAA store in USA?

The most popular NCAA fan stores are a part of the Walmart chain and Sports Zone. One can find locations in America for these retailers on the main websites, Walmart and Sports Zone Gear.

If on a NCAA team can you play club sports?

No because the sports they offer are pretty much club sports. Which means they can only do the school sports. If a school does not offer a sport then they will most likely be able to play.

What NCAA school has the most wins in all sports combined?

Kentucky 1st= 1900Wins+ UNC 2nd= 1900Wins+ ?

What college team has the most wins all time?

North Carolina Tarheels when you filter in all NCAA sports

What school has the most mens ncaa championships in all sports?

Arkansas Razorbacks 42 national championships in track

Which ncaa division one school has won the most national championships in all college sports combined?


How much championships in all sports UCLA won?

The Bruins have won 111 NCAA team championships, the most of any program.

Which province of Pakistan has most universities?

Punjab has most universities.

Who ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013?

The Sharp ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013.

What NCAA tournament team has won the most NCAA titile?