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PING is a leading manufacturer of golfing equipment. Therefore the main products that they sell relate to Golf, for example, all types of golf clubs and golf bags.

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Q: What types of equipment are sold by Ping?
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Where can one find ping clubs?

Actually "PING" clubs can be bought in every major sports equipment shop - or in specialized golf equipment stores like "GolfSmith", "GolfMart", "AmericanGolf" or also "eBay".

Name three equipment makers for golf?

Taylor Made Ping Titleist

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Ping Pong equipment can be purchased at nearly any general consumer store such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-mart, etc. If you want higher quality equipment you can seek online or look online for specialty stores near you.

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I allowed equipment to be placed up for sale on my lot. The equipment was sold and the buyer now wants to sue me cuz he says the equipment was broken. Can he do that?

What are w54 graphite ping shafts?

This is a Ping graphite shaft that was sold with the ISI model Ping Irons in the nineties. The w54 was a firm stiffness-not regular-but it was very light weight shaft at that time.

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Where can a person go online to get great deals on Ping Irons?

The Ping company, which produces Ping irons, has a policy of setting the price they will be sold for and not allowing retailers to sell below that price. The company does not permit any products to be sold online either. The best way to get a discount on Ping irons is to buy them from a local golf shop that will give credit for trade in of old clubs.

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