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Q: What type of sport the tour de frence?
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What type of sport competes in the Tour de France?

It is the sport of cycling.

How popular is the tour de France comparied to other sports?

The Tour de France is not a sport - it is an event.

What is France main sport?

Tour De France

Le tour de france involves which sport?

Road bicycling.

Did Bruce Jenner ever win tour de France?

no, he never competed in that sport.

Tour de France is what type of raceAnswer with one word ONLY?

tour de France is a road bicycle race

How do you say sleepover in frence?

Dormir plus de

A yellow Jersey is worn in which sport?

Cycling Tour de France to be specific

Which sport is the biggest annual sport held in France every year?

cycling. the Tour De France event is very famous

What is the music for the Eurosport 2013 Tour de France in the end of every stage?

I could not find reference to sound tracks for the sport Tour De France. However, there is an electronic music group called Kraftwerks that has an album called Tour De France Soundtracks that was released in 1983. The music for the Tour 2013 on Eurosport is Nic Chagall - What you need.

Information about sport in France?

the french are big cyclers they have tour de France that basically goes the perimeter of the country

What type of vehicle is raced in the tour de France?


What does tour de mean in english?

"Tour de" basically means "tour of". So tour de France = tour of France.

What type of vehicle raced in the tour de France?

Road bicycles.

What are the rules for The tour de France?

The rules for the Tour de France are simple. But if you are a racer you have to follow every rule. The rules are there for the safety and the protection of the racers. I suggest for an answer better than mine go to and type in..................... Rules for the Tour de France.

What sport does the main player wear yellow shirt?

cycling.the overall leader of the tour de France will wear a yellow shirt.

What type of sport FIBA associated with?

The type of sport that FIBA is associated with is basketball. The acronym is based on the French language meaning "Federation Internationale de Basketball".

What type of vehicle races in the tour de France?

Road (race) bicycles.

What international results does BBC Sport cycling show?

The BBC Sport cycling shows international results for cyclists from all over the world. Many cycling competitions, such as the Tour de France, are broadcast there.

What is you live in Wales in frence?

I live in Wales = "J'habite au Pays de Galles / je vis au Pays de Galles"

What is the only sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends?

The Tour de France.

What has the author Georges de La Tour written?

Georges de La Tour has written: 'Tout l'oeuvre peint de Georges de La Tour' 'Georges de La Tour'

How many hours are in each leg of the tour de France?

There is no set distance to each leg, or "stage", of the Tour de France. The length of each stage differs due to the type of terrain (mountains, flatlands), race type (time trial, mass start) and other factors.

There are only two sports that beat the tour De France in terms of spectators which are they?

The Tour de France is the most popular sport event in France. No other event can rivalize in terms of number of spectators. It can gather millions of people along the roads of the race. The main reason is that it is free.

Has a woman ever won the Tour de France?

For a woman to win the Tour, they would have to race the Tour. Currently, men ride the Tour de France and women ride the Tour de France Feminin, which is a cycling grand tour for women.