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Futbol Mexicano is the description of the team sport of soccer (also know to many as football) in Mexico. The top tier of football in the Mexican league is called "Liga MX" currently made up of 18 teams. Football in Mexico received a major boost after the World Cup was held in the country in 1986.

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Why Softball is the best described as what type of sport?

Group Team Sport

What type of sport is softball best describe as?

Group team sport

What type of sports do Ecuadorian people play?

As most South Americans, soccer or futbol is the most popular sport practiced in Ecuador Also volleyball

Detroit team colors?

which sport(type answer below)

What type of sport is bowling?

It is considered an individual sport and a team sport. One might also classify bowling as an indoor sport.

What does the word camogie mean?

A type of sport; or the name of a sports team.

What is meant by sport specific knowledge?

sport means a type of game that is played by a team or individual, fuUck OFF

What type of recreational activities do Argentina people play?

Futbol (soccer)

What type of sport team is Watford FC?

Watford F.C. is only a nickname for the team. The sport that Watford plays however is football. They were brought into the West Hertfordshire sports club in the year of 1890.

What type of sport are the Toronto Maple Leafs involved in?

The sport of many teams is hockey and the Toronto area have a hockey team they call Toronto Maple Leafs. The team have activity in Canadian national league.

What type of sport is associated with the team Barrow Raiders?

The Barrow Raiders play professional rugby. They are an English team from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

What makes sport a sport?

the type of sport that the sport is

Most viewed sport in the world?

Soccer is the most viewed sport in the world almost every country in the globe has some type of team or is somehow afflicted with it

What type of sport do the team members of the Montreal Impact play?

The Montreal Impact play Canadian professional soccer.

What good does the Mud Sport move do if the user is a Ground-Type?

Mud SportIf your opponent is a Fire-type, then its weakened by Mud Sport.

What type of food is cooked at Rosa Mexicano?

Rosa Mexicano is a restaurant in New York that serves authentic Mexican cuisine. They offer a number of services to their customers such as table-side food preparation. The restaurant has been open since 1984.

How does personality have an effect sport?

it depends what tpe of personalitly you have , in sport psychology there are two types , type A and type B. type a is when you are highly competative and hate failure , type b is when you are more relaxed , not as competative and motivated. if you are type A , you are more likely to work harder , train harder , and perform to the best of your ability .. it can also cause problems if you overwork , it can cause health problems. if you are type B , you are more likely to quit at a sport once it becomes less favourable and you become less motivated , this is bad if you play a team sport

What type of sport is badminton?

Badminton is a Racket sport.

Ju jitsu is a type of football True or false?

False. It's a Martial Art. Some forms such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu also have a sport application, but nothing like football at all. Whether you spell it Football, or Futbol there is no similarity.

What is the sport Xingyi?

The sport Xingyi is a type of martial arts!

What type of sport do they eat in Vietnam?

you don't eat sport

What type of sport is table tennis?

It is a racquet (racket) sport.

Is tennis a team sport?

Tennis can be either an individual or team sport. In individual tennis, one plays only for themselves. If they lose, it only affects them. This type of tennis is played at the tournament and professional levels. In team tennis, there are multiple players. They each play a match and every won match counts as a point. The winner is the team with the most points. Tennis leagues usually play this style.

Why your national sport hockey is not famous in India?

Type your answer here... due to the growth cricket and football. plus the Indian hockey team is loosing its invincibility

Why should a cheerleader be responsible for maintaining good grades in her classes?

Because she has to have good grades to play any type of sport or the coach will kick them of the team