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The sport of many teams is hockey and the Toronto area have a hockey team they call Toronto Maple Leafs. The team have activity in Canadian national league.

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Q: What type of sport are the Toronto Maple Leafs involved in?
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What sport do the Toronto Maple Leafs play?

The Toronto Maple Leafs play ice hockey in the NHL. (National Hockey League)This league is only in North America.

What sport does Dion Phaneuf play in?

Dion Phaneuf is a professional ice hockey player. He is currently the captain of the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs.

Whose jersey number was the first retired in any pro sport?

Ace Bailey of the Toronto Maple Leafs. February 14, 1934.

What are three Canada ian professional sport teams?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators, Montreal CanadiansMLB: Toronto Blue JaysNBA: Toronto RaptorsMLS: Toronto FCMLL: Toronto Outlaws

What are Justin Bieber's favourite sports teams?

It has been reported that his favorite sport is hockey. He wanted to be a famous hockey player on the Toronto Maple Leafs when he was little, and his favorite basketball team is reportedly the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What was final Jeopardy on November 30 2010?

The Final Jeopardy category was Sports The Clue was: In action since 1917, this sport franchise is now largely owned by the Ontario teacher's pension plan The answer was the Toronto Maple Leafs

What was the final Jeopardy question on November 30 2010?

The Final Jeopardy category was Sports The Clue was: In action since 1917, this sport franchise is now largely owned by the Ontario teacher's pension plan The answer was the Toronto Maple Leafs

What is a shutout?

A shutout can be in any sport. It simply means that the goalie in either hockey,soccer or and other sport where a goalie is required did not let in any goals. However, in sports like football baseball etc. . . it means that one of the teams hasn't scored any points for the whole game. For example : The Montreal Canadiens win 5-0 against The Toronto Maple Leafs. Montreal would have otten a shut out.

What percentage of Americans are involved in a sport?

In the United States 62 percent of males are involved in a sport. Only 48 percent of females are involved in a sport.

What is the most popular sport in Toronto?


What sport are the Toronto Raptors in?

NBA basketball

What is the main sports in Toronto Canada?

The main sport in Toronto, Canada is hockey. Toronto, along with the rest of Canada, cherishes the sport of hockey. Moreover, basketball is also played and watched in Toronto, as they have the local Toronto Raptors, an NBA team, to watch and root for.

What sport is involved in America's Cup?

The sport of sailing.

Where to buy soccer shoes in Toronto?

In sport shops

Are the Toronto blue jay's a Canadian sport team?


What are some sport teams in Ontario?

toronto blue jays

How much does it cost to purchase Maple Leaves jerseys?

All depending on what type of Maple Leafs jersey one would like to purchase, they can be ordered online at a price of plus minus $134.99. The shipping cost would depend on where you are situated. Companies that offer these jerseys via online shopping is Shop NHL, Jersey City and Sport Chek.

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Well, if you can call it a sport, Picadors are the horsemen in bullfights.

What sport athletes where the number 13?

1. carl crawford of the Tampa bay rays in mlb 2. sheldon Williams of the Boston celtics in nba 3. dan marino of the Miami dolphins in nfl 4. Steve Nash of the phoenix suns in nba 5. alex rodriguez of the New York Yankees in mlb 6. Roberto clemente of the Pittsburgh pirates in mlb 7. mats sundin of the Toronto maple leafs in nhl

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