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front row behind the bench

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Q: What type of seats do you get if you are given tickets to a game by one of the sports players?
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Why are tickets for Wimbledon so expensive?

Tennis tickets, as well as for many other sports, at any venue are expensive primarily due to the limited number of seats (i.e., supply versus demand), along with the amount of money given to players (or, for college athletics, the amount given to the schools), which comes, in part, from "gate" revenues. Wimbledon is a special case in that Centre Court has very few seats (15,000) compared to almost any other sports venue, to the point that a certain number of tickets are sold as 'debentures' on the London (Stock) Market at very hefty prices.

Where can one buy a Sports Ticket online?

If you are interested in purchasing sports tickets online then you will find several websites available. Vivid Seats, Stub Hub, and Tickets Now are just a few of the websites that offer sports tickets.

How many tickets are allowed to an opposing team?

Sports teams sell tickets to everyone no matter what team they like. They sell tickets for all the open seats. Some seats they can not sell because people may have season tickets, but that is a different story! So there is no number on how many tickets you can sell to the opposing team!

Can football teams sell all seats as season tickets?

No, NFL teams cannot sell every seat as a season ticket. NFL teams have to retain some tickets so they can provide tickets to Players & Coaches of the opposing team.

Why is the seats so bad for the players at Wimbledon?

at Eastbourne seats are lovely the best tennis place Wimbledon but the players seats are horried

How expensive are WWE tickets?

Depends on seats...

How much are national finals rodeo tickets?

It depends on the seats that you are looking to get, but the tickets range in price from twenty to one hundred dollars. The more expensive tickets are for the best seats.

How much are NBA tickets?

There is no standardized price for NBA seasons tickets. The price depends completely on each franchise and the size of the given market. Also, where your seats are situated will have a great impact on the cost.

How much to court side tickets cost for an NBA game?

try looking at ticketmayor is generally the cheapest for sold out events and good seats

How much are Dallas Mavericks tickets?

Dallas Mavericks tickets range in price from $19.99 for the worst seats to $399.99 for the best seats. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay for good seats.

How much are NBA season tickets?

There is no standardized price for NBA seasons tickets. The price depends completely on each franchise and the size of the given market. Also, where your seats are situated will have a great impact on the cost.

Were there seats in theater in Shakespeare's time?

Yes, but not all tickets entitled you to a seat. Some tickets were standing room tickets.

Where can you get free billy Elliot tickets?

You CANT!! Broadway tickets are from $80-$300 depending on the seats

What can you do about sold out concert tickets?

If your looking for sold out tickets you will have to go through a ticket broker. Ticket brokers buy and sell tickets for sold out events and they have the best seats for concerts, sports and theater events when the venue is sold out. The best ticket broker for sold out events is

How many seats are there at at and t park?

41,503 seats not including 1500 standing room only tickets

How are the pavilion seats at fenway park?

All the seats at fenway are awsome if you can get your hands on any tickets go for it!

What are Broadway e seats?

They are tickets you get online for a Broadway show

If a sports fan wanted to buy Chicago Bulls tickets how much should they expect to pay for two tickets?

At the present time tickets for the Chicago Bulls game on 23 October 2013 are advertised at $34.40 per ticket. Two seats would therefore cost $68.80.

Are their assigned seats for the Blue Man Group?

Yes you have to buy tickets to see them and the tickets have your seat number on them

How many people in Ellen degeneres audience?

Guaranteed tickets are given to 150 people. However, there are extra seats for standbys, family and friends of Ellen DeGeneres.

What are seats called in a sports event?

They're usually just called .. 'seats'.

How many tickets do professional football players receive per game to give to family and friends during the regular season?

There is not a set amount of tickets that each player gets for their games. Each franchise has its own rules. Each franchise probably has a set amount of seats set aside for the players needs.

How much do WrestleMania tickets cost?

Wrestlemania 28 tickets cost anywhere from $75 for nosebleed seats all the way up to a couple thousand dollars for ringside seats.

How much are tickets for the Jonas brothers?

it depends on where your seats are. my 3rd row tickets cost 345 dollars each. i also went to there concert and my lawn seats were 20 bucks

Where can someone get a ticket for Northwestern basketball?

Tickets for Northwestern basketball games are available from online ticket retailers, such as: StubHub, NU Sports, Ticket City, GoTickets and Vivid Seats.