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Chest pass

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Q: What type of pass is use for short distance?
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When would you use a chest pass?

You use a chest pass when you are passing a short distance.

When do you use a shoulder pass in netball?

You use a shoulder pass when you are passing a further distance. Other wise, you use a chest pass for short distances, a lob pass when you want the ball to get over the player whom is defending you and a bounce pass for an escape.

How do you use your short vip pass on woozworld?

U cant use a short vip pass...

When do you use the chest pass in netball?

When you are going to give a quick and short pass to your play mate. :D

Can i use my OAP bus pass from Leeds in London?

You can use your bus pass in Leeds and in London but you can't use it for long distance travel between the two cities.

How do you use ripple in a sentence?

Tiny ripples swam for a short distance into the lake.

Did 911 firefighters use the PASS device?

The short answer is yes. ALL SCBA's are required to have a PASS device as per NFPA standards.

What to use to pass a drug test?

Depends on the type of test , drug you use and some personal info like height and weight, amount of use, last time you use, etc.. Generally by time (detection time for some drugs is short)

Can you use inductor in low pass filter?

Type your answer here..yes.

Does the type of paper you use effect the distance an airplane will fly?


When copying or moving text a short distance you can use a QUICK method called?

copy and paste

What modes of transportation can people use to get to Jupiter?

You could walk. It's only a short distance.

How do you pass a class in programming cplusplus?

A class is a type. You cannot pass a type in C++, you can only pass an object of the type, either by value or by reference. The only way to physically pass a type is to pass a void pointer (void*), then use expensive runtime type information to determine the runtime type of the object being referred to. However, it's much more efficient (and easier) to simply pass a base class that provides the generic (virtual) interface required by your function.

What do you use to measure short length or distance?

Millimeters or microns are measured with rulers or micrometers. Depends what you are doing.

What type of antenna use in telecom?

Short-wave, microwave, cellular telephone

What type of club should a golfer use for a short range golf shot?

Very short range? Probably a putter.

To describe a distance north and south of the quator scientists use?

A. Lines of latitude GOOD LUCK!! hope you pass your pennfoster!

What type of math formula should one use when calculating the distance between two cities?

Distance*speed divided by time

What type of model can you use to determine the distance between the two cities?

A scale model.

What type of energy does a lever use?

Mechanical energy, ie force x distance

How long does insulin last in your sysyem?

It depends on the type of insulin you use. Some last a long time, some last a short time. It depends on the type of insulin you use. Some last a long time, some last a short time. It depends on the type of insulin you use. Some last a long time, some last a short time.

How can you use distance and time to measure speed?

Divide the total distance by the total time to get the average speed. Or, when you need the speed at a certain time, you can differentiate the fuction of distance(t) over time. This can be compared with dividing the distance (of a really really really short timespan) by the same really really really short timespan)

Is a toilet flusher a lever?

Yes, but it sort of works in reverse. You usually use a lever to gain a mechanical advantage by having the load on the short end and applying pressure to the long end. The short end of the flush lever is pushed down a short distance and other end goes up a longer distance, giving you an advantage in distance.

Measuring the distance to a planet would probably require the use of what type of measurement?

If the distance is found by triangulation, I assume a sextant would be used.

How do you get to Gnome Agility Course?

There are a few ways. Personally I use the spirit trees from the grand exchange to Gnome stronghold, and run a short distance to the agility cource. Alternativly you could just run from ardougne as it is just a short distance north.