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An authorised Table Tennis ball is usually made of celluloid but it can also be made of similar plastics.

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Q: What type of materials does a ping pong ball have?
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What type of gas are in ping pong balls?

Their is no gas inside of a ping pong ball. It is filled with air.

What type of ping pong paddle makes the ping pong ball go the furthest?

A heavy paddle

What is the material used on a ping pong ball?

Ping pong balls are madeof a type of plastic called celluloid.

Type of ball that is smaller than a baseball?

ping pong ball, tennis ball, golf ball, your balls, (:

What type of lever is a ping pong paddle?


Where can you find a ping pong table?

you can find them online or at sporting goods type stores. Just search for ping pong tables for sale.

What type of sport is individual and indirectly competitive?

Ping pong

What is cuponk?

Cuponk is basically a game with a cup and a ping-pong type ball and the goal is to get the ball in the cup by preforming bouncing type tricks with the ball to try and bounce it in the cup. you must have some aiming skill to do this

Games with a specific type of table?

foosball, ping pong, pool

Who is China's woman ping pong champ?

type in "china's woman ping pong champ" or somethin like that and you'll probably get a better andswer than this.

Ping-pong diplomacy refers to what type of exchange?

Ping-pong diplomacy refers to the exchange of ping pong players in the 1970's between China and The United States of America. This exchange is notable as it repaired relations between the USA and China.

Where can one buy a ping pong table top online?

Ping pong table tops on line can be found on Amazon. There are also other online stores that sell them. Just type ping pong table tops and the screen will list several.

Why does the inside of a ping pong ball stink?

Table tennis balls are made of a type of plastic called celluloid. The odor in the ball is a by-product once the ball becomes cracked and the inside is exposed to air.

What type of sports do children play in China?

martial arts and ping pong

What material are ping pong tables made of?

Ping pong tables are generally made of masonite or a similar type of hard wood, and then covered with a coating that gives a nonfriction surface.

Where do you buy glow in the dark ping pong balls?

Seen some on Type in "glow in the dark table tennis ball" and you will see them come up.

What type of coating is on a ping pong table?

Paint. Green is the most popular color.

What type of wood is a ping pong table?

condensed particle board is used for the top of the table.

Name a game that has a specific type of table?

Pool Poker Ping Pong Chess Monopoly Roulette

What sport do the Chinese play?

They like to play ping pong, a diffrent type of jump rope, basketball, wresteling, and football

What type of ball rolls fastest?

I would say that a ping pong ball would go the fastest because it has less weight and its small so it can roll pretty fast if it had a bit more weight then it would be perfect. by Rebecca Mae Mckinneyy<33

What channel does table tennis appear on?

I don't know of any channel either cable or satellite that carries ping pong, but you can go to you tube on the Internet and type in ping pong or table tennis and get full games by the best in the world or you can get very good instructions on the different strokes including the serve.

What does ping response mean in C?

To ping is to issue an ICMP Type 8 (ICMP Echo Request) to a host which according to RFC1122 it must reply to. (In reality this may be seen as a security risk.). The format of a successful response has type and code of 0. If you're operating down at this level you'll need to examine ICMP in more detail. If you have a sockets interface then you may just get a reply event. Sometimes people call these "pongs". ie Ping? Pong. Ping? Pong.

Where can one find a used ping pong table online?

Finding any type of used sporting goods online is best done through a buy, sell, trade website such as Craigslist or Kijiji. Using these websites allows you to search only in the area that you'd be willing to pick the ping pong table up from.

To replace a ping pong table top What type of material should you use?

MDF If you were building a new table, a good material would be condensed particle board.