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It's not the stick specifically. If you want a fast shot you will have to work on it yourself, practicing everyday. It also has to do with the pocket rather that the shaft/head. a higher pocket will have more whip and seem faster, but when it comes down to it, it is all your play and form that make a shot fast. Also working on accuracy and wrist strength will help.

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you have to get stronger. im a freshmen in hs and play girls lax and i can shoot about 70mph. and lots of practice

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Chazz Woodson

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Q: What type of lacrosse stick should you use if you want a fast shot?
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Do shooting strings on a lacrosse stick increase the speed of your shot?

No. It just makes your shot more accurate. Or it also helps if you want some whip on your stick.

Does the length of a lacrosse stick effect ball speed?

Yes, if you have a shorter stick the ball won't go as far

Do shooting strings on a lacrosse stick actually increase the speed of your shot?

It guides the ball out of the center of the head so you have better accuracy

What is it called when you catch a pass while in the shooting or passing motion in girls lacrosse?

A quick Stick shot

What is the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

the fastet shot in lacrosse ever recorded is 121 mph

What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?

depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a lacrosse shot isn't hard.

What is a Shots on Goal in lacrosse?

when the shot is stopped by the goalie or goes in

How long can you hold the ball for in lacrosse?

well if your talking about the most popular form of lacrosse (field lacrosse, like the one in college) then you can technically hold the ball as long as you want to, If you are playing Box Lacrosse however, you have 30 seconds to take a shot (it resets after each shot) or you and your team will lose possesion of the ball.

Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

What is the speed of the lacrosse shoot?

A fast shot in lacrosse, usually a sidearm crank, can travel between 100 and 110mph. Average speeds are in the 80-100mph range. Paul Rabil was recorded as the fastest shot on record at 111 mph.

Why does my shot the ground to early in front of the net?

It is because your stick has too much whip. Whip is a term in lacrosse used to describe the point that the ball comes out of your stick. If you have too much whip, the ball will shoot at the ground. If you have to little whip, the ball will fly over the net.

How many points do you receive if you score a goal in lacrosse?

One point per goal. The stick and the body must not cross the line, otherwise the point will not count. At the professional level (Major League Lacrosse only) the rules differ to include a two-point goal line 16 yards (15 m) from each goal.