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When playing tennis, one should wear clothing that provides freedom of movement. Generally, shorts or a short "tennis skirt," with a special pocket for a spare ball, is worn, and often a sleeveless top or polo shirt. Tennis players also frequently wear hats of visors, because the sport is often played outside. As with most sports, shoes are very important for safe training. Be sure to get a paid of quality tennis-shoes from a sporting store, or at least wear some supporting running shoes you already own.

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Q: What type of clothing is appropriate for playing tennis?
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Tennis Clothing & Equipment?

Tennis is a truly unique sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities. It is a family friendly sport that can last a lifetime. Many people who were introduced to the game in their childhood, continue to play it well past retirement. It’s a good idea for tennis players to select the right tennis clothing and equipment as early as possible. Wearing the proper apparel and playing with the right racquets can make a huge difference in your tennis game. There is a huge selection of tennis clothing available in today’s sporting retailers and stores. There are so many different styles and colors of clothes that appeal to every type of player. People also love to dress up in the same clothing as their favorite tennis players. For example, Rafael Nadal has created a huge fashion trend with his sleeveless shirts and long shorts that cover the knees. On the women’s side, Maria Sharapova’s fashionable dresses have been highly sought after by female tennis players. However, style is not the most important feature of tennis clothing. Tennis players should be concerned with how comfortable their clothing is. It’s recommended that tennis players wear clothing specifically designed to absorb sweat. Many tennis shirts and shorts are made of Dri-Fit material, which is excellent at absorbing moisture and cooling off the body. Extra side vents on a tennis shirt will also be helpful in cooling off players. Tennis shirts made of polyester may not offer sweat absorption and cooling, leaving players soaking wet and very uncomfortable. Since tennis is an outdoor sport, Ultraviolet protection is another feature to consider when shopping for clothes. Tennis equipment consists of Racquets, overgrips, strings, vibration dampeners, and other items. Tennis racquets come in a variety of head sizes, typically between 90 to 120 square inches. There is also a wide range of racquet weights, usually between 200 and 400 grams. Beginner and medium level tennis players should use the lightest racquets with large head sizes. Advanced tennis players typically use heavier racquets with smaller head sizes for more power and precision. Tennis strings play an important role in the accuracy of your shots. Tennis strings can either be made of natural gut or synthetics. Natural gut strings provide a lot of topspin on the ball and they are often used by professionals, but are not recommended for recreational players. Synthetic strings are less expensive and more durable. When it comes to overgrips, tennis players should use grips that offer maximum sweat absorption and softness. If you don’t select the right overgrip, you may get blisters often and have your Racquet slip out of your hands.

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