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aerobic = gymnastics anaerobics = 100m run

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any that involve high power sudden efforts

sprinting 100m 200m 400m

cycling racing and track

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marathon runners, athletes who require high cardio levels

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Q: What two sports use the anaerobic system?
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What sports use the anaerobic system?

Weight lifting

What is the definition of the anaerobic system?

muscle use without oxygen

What sports use anaerobic exercise?

100 m sprint and sprint events when the athletes do not breathe.

What event will mainly use your anaerobic energy system?

Rugby match

What are the two classification of cellular respiration?

Aerobic and Anaerobic. Aerobic needs oxygen, and anaerobic does not use oxygen.

What is anaerobic system is?

it means you dont use much oxygn during exercise

What is a anaerobic system?

it means you dont use much oxygn during exercise

Sports that use anaerobic energy system?

Anaerobic means, "without oxygen", therefore you can choose any sport that requires a quick burst of energy, not one that requires constant breathing during the task. Anaerobic energy begins with deep breaths, followed by strong exhales and is repeated for a limited time period. *Most sports require a combination of aerobic and anaerobic energy. Activity examples: heavy lifting, pushing or pulling; sprinting short distances, jumping high leaps, diving/swimming under water. Try wrestling or MMA, football lineman, baseball pitcher, slam-dunk champion, breakaway soccer, 50 yard dash, body surfing, or any sport where you do the above listed activities. *Too much anaerobic activity, without enough rest periods, can cause health risks!

How do you use anaerobic in a sentence?

Anaerobic means without oxygen. Those are anaerobic bacteria.

What is an anaerobic function?

An anaerobic function is one that does not use oxygen.

How long does the aerobic system last for?

It is long term. That's what you'll use after you ATP-PC and your anaerobic systems.

What sport use the creatine phosphate system?

The sports that use the creatine phosphate system are fast sudden movement sports such as javelin, shot putt, discuss,etc...