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I'm almost positive the two present day most commonly used colors are white and bright orange.

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Q: What two colours are used for the ball in table tennis?
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What do you use a table tennis ball for?

Cracked table tennis balls can be used for vehicular antenna-toppers.

What equipment was use in table tennis?

The equipment that was (and still is) used in table tennis are a table tennis paddle/racket/bat, a table tennis table, a table tennis ball, clips to hold the net above the middle of the table, and a net.

Is a table tennis bat a bat or a racket?

Table tennis rackets are used to hit the ball back and forth.

What kind of metal is used in table tennis ball?


Facilities and equipments used in table tennis?

There are a number of facilities and equipment used in table tennis. The basic ones include a table, bats, net and a ball.

What are the materials used to make a table tennis ball?

My nutsMy nuts

What materials are used to make a table tennis ball?

celluloid. Plastic basically.

What grade of ball is used in Olympic style table tennis?

Any ITTF (INTERNATIONAL TABLE TENNIS FEDERATION) Approved 3-Star Orange or white. The ball will have the ITTF initials on it.

What are the dimension of a table tennis ball used in the Olympics?

40 mm around in a perfect circle.

Which sport is better tennis or table tennis?

Table tennis. of course, i play it but i used to play tennis. Table tennis is more technical with spin and requires less athletic and fitness. Tennis is mostly about hitting the ball as hard as you can until one gets tired I totally agree. Table tennis is an ace sport and more girls should play it. I used to play tennis too but found it quite boring but i love table tennis and it is my main sport!

What was the first table tennis ball made of?

Apparently, British soldiers used a rounded cork, and a makeshift net with a table, and a box if cigars (as paddles) to start the very first match of table tennis.

What can a tennis ball be used for?

to play tennis

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