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Q: What tooth goes with a 25 on a bmx sproket?
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Would a 25 tooth on a bmx work with a 13 tooth?

yes, but the gear ratio will be very low. when you pedal you will need to do more rotations with your legs to travel the same distance as with a 33 tooth and 13 tooth.

Information on bmx?

BMX stands for Bicycle moto-cross, because of the stunts performed on them. Most BMX bikes have 20 inch wheels with a 25-30 tooth front sprocket, that way you easily pedal fast and up steepembankment, like a half pipe or ramp. BMX bikes are easilymaneuverable and agile. Most are made from light-weight aluminum, weighing around 20-25 pounds. There are many great BMX companies, but one of the most popular companies is "Wethepeople".

Will a 25 tooth sprocket fit a 9 tooth cassette?

Yes...this is the most comon gear ratio on bmx's. this is because it allows a good balance of accelration and top speed while still giving you the clearance to be able to roll into most quarter pipes.

Can you use a 25 tooth sprocket and a 8 tooth drive?

no you can not 25 with 8

How heavy is an average bmx?

around 25 lbs or so.

I need 9 tooth sprocket on my BMX bike for the back do I need a driver or can I just put a freewheel on and what do I need know about fitting it I know about the chain stuff already?

You can get a 9 tooth sprocket, you will need a conversion kit to do it. Haro makes a decent one just do a search for Haro 25/9

What size driver fits on a 25 tooth sprocket?

9 tooth driver

What size is 25-9 chain for bmx bike?

It depends on the length of the chainstays on your frame.

What size sprocket can a 9 tooth driver fit on?

a 25 tooth sprocket will fit on a 9 tooth driver

I have a 25 tooth sprocket what tooth cassette do i need?

a 9 will do but an 8 would be better

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