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5:00 pm Central Time is when coverage of the Super Bowl begins. The actual kickoff is set for 5:28pm Central Time.

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Q: What time will 2009 Super Bowl air in Illinois?
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What time is Super Bowl 2009 kick-off in Chicago?

5:30. Same time for the 2011 Super Bowl.

When is the last time the Cardinals played in a Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl but did play in one the 2008-2009 season

What time will Super Bowl 2009 start Mountain time?

Super Bowl XLIII starts at 4:25 pm MT on Sunday, February 1, 2009.

Who is singing during half time at the 2009 super bowl?

"The Who" will be performing at the 2010 Super Bowl.

When was the last time prior to 2009 that the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never been to the Super Bowl prior to 2009.

What time will Super Bowl 2009 air?

6pm e.s.t.

When as the last time Phitpherge won the super bowl?


When is kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 43 kick off time is officially listed at 6:20 pm Eastern.

What time is kickoff for the 2009 Super Bowl?

The kick off time for Super Bowl 43 is officially listed as 6:20 pm ET.

What time is kickoff of 2009 Super Bowl?

5:25pm CT

What is Super Bowl kickoff time in 2009?

Around 6:15pm.

When Have the cardinals ever made it to the super bowl?

2009 is the first time the Cardinals appeared in the Super Bowl.