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The Arizona Cardinals have never been to the Super Bowl prior to 2009.

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Q: When was the last time prior to 2009 that the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl?
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Who is eligible for Super Bowl in 2009?

the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburg Steelers!!!! the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburg Steelers!!!!

What teams played in Super Bowl 2009?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals*

When was Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl?

February 1, 2009

Did the Arizona Cardinals win the super bowl last year?

No, they have not. They played in one, Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, narrowly losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23.

Did the Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl in 2009?

No, they did not. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII.

Who is playing at Super Bowl in 2009?

The Pittsburgh Stealers, an the Arizona Cardinals.

Who played in Super Bowl 2009?

Super Bowl XLIII (played on February 1, 2009) featured the Pittsburgh Steelers playing against the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers won, 27-23.

Who will be playing at Super Bowl 2009?

Pittsburgh steelers vs Arizona cardinals

Who did the steelers play against in Super Bowl feb 2009?

Arizona cardinals

Who were the Arizona Cardinals up against in the super bowl in 2009?

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Is Arizona going to the Super Bowl again in 2009?

Not in the 2009 season. The Arizona Cardinals lost to the New Orleans Saints 45-14.

Who is the home team for Super Bowl 2009?

The Arizona Cardinals are the designated home team.