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Found this at On TV, tune into the battle over the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy - and to decide which team gets to wear their Super Bowl rings - as it's played out live beginning at 6 pm ET on NBC. Kick-off time is approximately 6:20 pm on the East Coast; 5:20 pm Central; 4:20 pm Mountain; and 3:20 pm Pacific. Across the pond, (and five hours ahead of East Coast time) UK fans will be able to check out the live game in the wee morning hours on BBC. In Ireland, the broadcast of the game will begin at 11 p.m. on TV3.

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Super Bowl XLIII (43) is scheduled for February 1, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.

Kick off is expected to be around 6:28 p.m. EST. Pregame television coverage will be provided by many different networks but the game will be broadcast on NBC (National Broadcasting Company). Their pregame coverage is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EST. Superbowl XLIII Sunday 2009 is February 1st and is scheduled to be played February 1 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. - The kickoff scheduled to air at 6pm but generally the actual kickoff time is between 20 and 30 minutes after the scheduled time. So this is a projected time:

6:25pm EST

5:25pm CST

4:25pm MST

3:25pm PST

There are acts prior to the kickoff which may be fun to watch, so tune in

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The kickoff time for the 2009 Super Bowl is 6:20 PM EST

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this sunday. at around 1:00pm

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Q: What time is gametime for Super Bowl 2009?
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What time is Super Bowl 2009 kick-off in Chicago?

5:30. Same time for the 2011 Super Bowl.

When is the last time the Cardinals played in a Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl but did play in one the 2008-2009 season

What time will Super Bowl 2009 start Mountain time?

Super Bowl XLIII starts at 4:25 pm MT on Sunday, February 1, 2009.

Who is singing during half time at the 2009 super bowl?

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What time will Super Bowl 2009 air?

6pm e.s.t.

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When is kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 43 kick off time is officially listed at 6:20 pm Eastern.

What time is kickoff for the 2009 Super Bowl?

The kick off time for Super Bowl 43 is officially listed as 6:20 pm ET.

When Have the cardinals ever made it to the super bowl?

2009 is the first time the Cardinals appeared in the Super Bowl.

What time is kickoff of 2009 Super Bowl?

5:25pm CT

What is Super Bowl kickoff time in 2009?

Around 6:15pm.