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Q: What time is game 2 NBA finals in California today?
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What time is the cowboy game today?


Is there snow in California today?

Yes, there is snow in California today, and since this can be read at any moment in time that means that there will always be snow in Cali.

When was Lebron James first time in the finals?

LeBron James' first time in the finals was in 2007.

Time in 1am in Boston MA what time in California?

California is 3 hours behind Boston. 1am in Boston today (Friday) = 10pm in California yesterday (Thursday).

What time did the cubs game end on today?


What time is the playoff game today?


Did Oklahoma ever win the NBA finals?

No, Oklahoma lost in the most recent finals, which was their only time playing in the finals.

What date will be game 1 of the 2008 nba finals?

June 5th 2008 At 9:00 P.M Eastern Time

When was the last time the dallas mavericks were in the finals?

They were in the 2010-11 NBA Finals and won it.

What time is cubs game today?

9:07 Central

What time did the dodger game end today?


What time does the Dallas Cowboys game start today?


When was the last time the cavs won the nba finals?

the cavs have never won the nba finals

What time did the Padre game end today?

No Padre game is scheduled for the day this is being written so there will be no end time for the game. The end time is different for each game the Padres play.

In soccer which year did France reach the semi-finals for the first time?

In soccer which year did France reach the semi-finals for the first time?

When was the last time the lakers went to the finals?

They went to the finals in 2008 and now in 2009. They did not win in 2008

Has Ukraine ever won World Cup?

Ukraine have only qualified for one world cup, in which they reached the quarter finals. They lost their first game to Spain. It is the first time in the world cup history that a country has reached the quarter finals after loosing their first game 4-0.

What time is the Texan Football game today?

7:00pm ct

What time did today's Miami and Chicago game end?

11 30

What time is the new England patriot game today Jan 20 2013?

Game time was 6:40 pm, est.

What time does the gator walk start today?

starts 2 hours before game time

Why did lebron James suck at the NBA finals?

Because it was his first time in the nba finals. He was nervous it's not his fault.

The last time celtics have gone to the finals?


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When is the last time the Magic went to the finals?