What thing should you have in basketball?

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2012-08-11 21:26:59

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defense skills

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2012-08-11 21:26:59
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Q: What thing should you have in basketball?
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What kind of Degree for coaching basketball?

There is no specific degree required for coaching basketball. The more important thing is that the candidate should have solid experience and knowledge of basketball.

Is a basketball a living thing?

A basketball is an inanimate object, and is not a living thing.

What should you wear for a interview to be a womans basketball player?

you should wear some thing neat except for jewlery

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

What are a lot of thing that describe basketball?

basketball shoes

What do you need flexibility in basketball for?

Flexibility is a good thing in basketball a few reasons (i will only list a couple) :1) You need to have flexibility to shoot a proper jumpshot.2) To dribble in basketball you should be flexibleso you dont get hurt

What basketball should you buy?

Leather basketball

Does basketball have umpires?

No, basketball has referees. They do the same type of thing that an umpire does, though.

What are the main differences between basketball and soccer?

1. In basketball, there is a basket hoop thing and insoccer, there is goal net thing.2. In basketball, they use a basketball and in soccer, there is a soccerball.3. In basketball, they wear jordans or sneakers and in soccer, they wear cleats

Is a walk and a travel the same thing in basketball?

yeah, same thing

Should you play volleyball or basketball?

Basketball Definitly

What should you bring to a basketball summer camp?

A basketball!

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