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What is the value of a signed hockey stick by the Buffalo Sabres' French Connection?

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Q: What the value of the french connection single autograph hockey stick signed by them?
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How much is signed hockey stick worth by the french connection?

800 000 DOLLARS

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the Buffalo Sabres French Connection?

A rough estimate would be somewhere in the $125-$200 range depending on the model of stick and the quality of the signatures.

What is the value of signed hockey stick of 20th anniversary french connection buffalo?

A rough estimate would be somewhere in the $125-$200 range depending on the model of stick and the quality of the signatures.

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How much is a signed hockey stick by the french connection worth?

The stick would have an approx. value of $125.00 - $150.00 if it not game used. However, if it was game used by Potvin or Bossy for instance, it would have a value of $250.00 - $500.00. If you are interested in vintage hockey memorabilia, please visit my web site at: It features old hockey team photos, hockey autographs and game used hockey memorabilia.

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