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Signed autographThere is no difference between signed memorabilia and autographed memorabilia. It is just deference in terminology. A signed Baseball is the same as an autographed baseball and the same value. An autograph is signed. You could sign a check or a document but the signature would not be considered an autograph. You sign a baseball or a photo and the signature is an autograph.
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Q: Why the difference is price for signed vs autographed sports memorabilia?
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Who buys autographed sports pictures in Las Vegas?

Sports Memorabilia Stores in Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) Also check out autographed sports memorabilia, sports autographs & signed sports collectibles.

Where can one list autographed sports memorabilia for sale?

One can list autographed sports memorabilia for sale on eBay or Beckett. eBay is the best place to list autographed items to get the best range of buyers and bring in the best revenue.

What is the value of an autographed patriots Steve nelson football jersey?

It depends on your overall collection of sports memorabilia and the condition

Where can one find signed football memorabilia for sale?

There are many websites where one can find signed sports memorabilia for sale. Some examples include SportsMemorabilia, ProSportsMemorabilia, and SportSignings.

Where can i sell autographed balls in Orange County CA?

You can sell them either on craigslist or any sports memorabilia store in your area.

How much is Celtic 2001 treble winners signed jersey worth?

Whatever the market will pay for it. It depends who has signed it. Try ebay, a sports collector or sports memorabilia auction.

How much do Michael Vick Autographed Footballs cost?

According to Sports Memorabilia a Michael Vick autographed football can range from $129.99 to $300.60. Prices range from whether the ball was a match ball or not.

Where can one find a Brett Favre autographed jersey?

One can find a Brett Favre autographed jersey from eBay where they are available for around $300. One can also get them from Sports Memorabilia and Autograph City.

What law is broken if a phony signed sports card is sold claiming it is real?

none. when you purchase a card or memorabilia that is signed, you are taking a gamble.

Is there sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing?

There are a lot of kinds of sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing. One of the best sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing is baseball.

How do you verify a sports memorabilia company or coa authenticy is legit?

Any sports memorabilia that is legit will come with a verification license signed by an agency that versifies autographs and the authenticity of items. Companies that sell "licensed" products and memorabilia must provide this authenticity with the product they are selling. If you are looking to purchase sporting good memorabilia

Where can one purchase an autographed Flyers jersey?

Purchasing an autographed Philadelphia Flyers jersey can be done on my sites on the web. The best sites currently include Sports Memorabilia, Amazon, Fans Edge, and eBay.