What the main idea of Jackie Robinson childhood?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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i think his childhood is trying to achieve his goel

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Q: What the main idea of Jackie Robinson childhood?
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What was Jackie Robinson's main goal?

jackie robinson's main goal was to work hard

Who are the main characters of the book Jackie Robinson An American dream?

Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey

What are Jackie Robinson's main goals?

to play baseball

In the book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson who are the main characters?

Bandit and her father&mother Bandit then goes to America and goes to PS8.

What does the blue number 42 stand for at Fenway Park?

Nothing much....... Just Jackie Robinson the main man that made it possible for blacks to get their fair shot at the majors.

Who are the main characters in Jackie and you?

The main character in Dan Gutman's Jackie & Me is Joe Stoshack.

Who is the main character in Robinson Crusoe?

Robinson and Friday

What were some things that Jackie Robinson accomplished?

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball in 1947. He would have to go through many insults, death threats, and players trying to injure him by spiking him. No matter what happened Jackie didn't mind and played baseball. Jackie was one of the best during his era. He won the first ever rookie of the year award and one MVP award. Jackie was a main symbol for blacks rights in america.

Who are the main characters in here's is to you Rachel Robinson?

Rachel and Charles Robinson

What is the main problem with Robinson Crusoe?


What is stated and unstated main idea?

A stated main idea is when the writer of the particular piece clearly identifies what the main idea is. In contrast, an unstated main idea is when the writer references the main idea, but does not clearly name it.

Who were the two main characters in roinson crusoe?

The two main characters in the book called Robinson Crusoe were Robinson& Friday the prisoner.