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Well, I'm not sure, but from what you said in the question I'm thinking it's Andy Roddick. Yeah, it sounds like something he would do.

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Q: What tennis player smashed his racket came on the bench took out a new racket and smashed that one too?
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What is a bench player in NBA?

It is when the players are sitting in the bench that are not starting.

Where do you play the weakest player on a soccer team?

the bench

How many bench press of WWE player?


Who has the most rings as a bench player?

Luke walton

What is a bench jockey?

A bench jockey is a player, coach or manager in US sport, particularly baseball, who verbally annoys and distracts opposition players and umpires from the dugout bench.

What is substitution in volley ball?

A substatution is where a player on the cort is swiched off for a player on the bench.

What is the average weight that a football player bench presses?


Which NHL player has the highest bench press?

martin lapoint

Which rugby player can bench press the most?

Andrew Sheridan

Can player on the bench come in to shoot technical free throws?


How much does a basketball bench player get paid?

Minimum wage.

How are a football player's bench max and bench rep calculated?

Bench reps are measured 185lbs. x to failure for skill positions and 225lbs. x to failure for linemaen and linebackers. Max. Bench is 1 rep your maximum weight for a typical Bench press.

When and where was baseball player Johnny Bench born?

Johnny Bench was born December 7, 1947, in Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

What is a bench warmer?

A bench warmer is a player who rarely or never gets to play in sports games or matches, or is often used as a substitute.

When a second technical is called on a bench does the head basketball coach or the assistant get booted?

The head coach is the leader of the bench. If a technical gets called on the bench in general as opposed to a specific player or coach on the bench, the technical goes to the head coach.

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Does a bench player get a ring if his team wins the NBA finals?

Yes they do...

How much a soccer player gets paid on the bench?

Too much

What is a bench jockey in baseball?

A bench jockey is someone, a player or coach, in the dugout that is yelling not so nice things to a player/coach of the other team on the field or an umpire in order to upset or distract them.

How much does Glenn Dorsey bench press?

Glenn Dorsey is a decorated football player. He has a recorded bench press of 425 pounds in the gym.

What is the call when a forced play occurs and player walks off bag?

The player is out and goes back to the bench.

When did baseball player Johnny Bench play?

Johnny Bench debuted on August 28, 1967 and played his final game on September 29, 1983.

Who is the youngest hall of fame baseball player to win MVP?

Johnny Bench

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