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Reading, 1st place, Champions

Southampton, 2nd place, Runners-up

West Ham, 3rd place, Play-Off Winners

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Q: What teams qualified for premier league 2012-13 season from championships?
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Is it true that the English Premier League Winner is Qualified Automatically for the Champions League?


Who has more English premier league cup championships?

Manchester United, with 11.

Has a non premier league team played in Europe?

You must be qualified to play in the UEFA champions league europa league to play in europe so you have to be in the premier league if your an english team.

Who has won the most English premier league championships?

Manchester united have won 11

How many championships does Manchester united have?

18 premier league titles so far

What player has won premier league fa cup league cup champions league with one club and also won european championships world cup and still currently plays in the premier league?


Who won the most championships in the English Premier League?

18 each for Liverpool and Manchester united

Who Won the English Premier League In 1996-1997 season?

In the 1996-1997 English Premier League, the champions were Manchester United, who had also won in two previous championships and went on to win 5 more championships as of the 2006-2007 Season.

How many teams have won the English permier league?

Only four teams; Manchester United (11 Championships), Blackburn Rovers (1 Championship), Arsenal (3 Championships) and Chelsea (2 Championships), have won the English Premier League.

In what year was the Scottish Premier League founded?

The football/soccer league known as the Scottish Premier League was founded in 1998. At its inception, the league had 10 clubs, but has expanded to have 12 currently. As of 2013, only two teams have won championships: Celtic and Rangers.

Why is premier league called premier league?

Because it's seen as the most prestigious league in the world. It is also officially Barclay's Premier League or the English Premier League and is just shortened to plain premier league.

Why is the premier league called the premier league?

The Premier League used to be called the Football League First Division but in 1992 the teams in the Premier League branched off from this championship. There is really no reason that the Premier League is called the Premier League other than Premier meaning good and needing to incorporate "League" in the name. Note that at the moment the Premier League is called the Barclays Premier League because of sponsorship (Barclays being the bank.)

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