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there is no manager of the Barclays Premier League or the fbarclays premier league.

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Q: Who is manager o fbarclays premier league?
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How many current premier league managers have won European cup?

paul lambert kenny dalglish martin o neill

Irish men who have won the premier league?

The Irish men to win the E.P.L . are Roy Keane, damin duff, John O Shea.

What Irish players to win premier league?

roy keane denis irwin damien duff john o shea jeff kenna darren gibson

Who is the English football player from the premier league with the initials F O?

There are no and have never been any English footballers in the Premier League (1992 - Today) with the initials F.O. The only player with these initials to ever play in the premier league is Filipe Oliveira a Portuguese winger who appeared on 5 occasions for Chelsea FC. The only English player in history with these initials is Fred Obrey, who played for Port Vale pre-world war II.

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Roy Keane Denis Irwin John O Shea Darron Gibson Damien Duff no other players from the Republic have won the premier league. Jeff Kenna only played one game and got sent off. You have to play 10 games to get a medal.

What 6 republic of Ireland players have won English premier league winners medals?

Roy Keane, John O Shea, Damien Duff, Dennis Irwin, Jeff Kenna

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