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Q: What teams have lost 4 super bowls?
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What teams lost 4 Super Bowls?

Vikings and Bills

What teams have each lost 4 Super Bowls?

The Broncos, the Bills, and the Vikings.

What nfl teams lost 4 super bowls and never won one?

Bills, and Vikings

What 3 teams share the distinction of having lost 4 Super Bowls?

buffalo, minnesota, denver

Which NFL teams have lost the Super Bowl 4 years in a row?

Only the Buffalo Bills who lost Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII.

Who lost 5 consecutive Super Bowls?

No team has ever lost 5 Super Bowls. The Buffalo Bill lost 4 consecutive Super Bowls from 1991 - 1994.

What team lost 4 consecutive super bowls?

The Buffalo Bills lost 4 Consecutive Super Bowls from 1991 - 1994.

Which team has lost the most succesive Super Bowls?

Buffalo Bills (lost 4 straight Super bowls).

What teams have lost at least 3 times in the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII: The Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and Minnesota Vikings have lost 4 Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and Dallas Cowboys have lost 3 Super Bowls.

4 What three NFL teams had lost four Super Bowls each through 1996?

The Bills, The Vikings, and the Cowboys

How many Super Bowls have the Bears lost?

They were in 2 Super Bowls and won one and lost one. They lost Super Bowl XLI on February 4, 2007.

What three teams defeated the Buffalo Bills in their 4 Super Bowl appearances.?

The Bills have lost 4 Super Bowls but to only 3 different teams: The Bills lost Super Bowl 25 to the New York Giants. The Bills lost Super Bowl 26 to the Washington Redskins. The Bills lost Super Bowl 27 to the Dallas Cowboys . The Bills lost Super Bowl 28 to the Dallas Cowboys.

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