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Both teams are 0-4 in Super Bowls.

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Q: What Super Bowl statistic do the vikings and bills share?
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How much money did a player on the winning Super Bowl team earn in 1970?

The 1970 Super Bowl was played January 11, 1970 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings with the Chiefs winning 23-7. The winner's share was $15,000 and the loser's share was $7,500.HE IS RIGHT

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How much money did players in the 2009 super bowl win?

The share for the winning team was $78,000. The share for the losing team was $40,000.

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How much money did the Packers receive for winning the 1st super bowl?

The winners share in Super Bowl I was $15,000 USD per player

What team has the most trips to the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers share the record for most Super Bowl berths with eight.

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According to MSNBC, a winner's share is $68,000.

Green bay packers Super Bowl 1 winners share?

$15,000 per player

Where can one find a list of Super Bowl winners online?

Websites like ESPN share this information. Wikipedia also shares this information. Those are up to date sites that share trustful information. ESPN is the official site for the Super Bowl.

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The Packers received $15,000 each as the winners share for Super Bowl 1

What 3 teams share the distinction of having lost 4 Super Bowls?

buffalo, minnesota, denver