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Montreal and Detroit

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Q: What teams have had the most appearances in the Stanley cup finals?
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NBA team with the most finals appearances?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the most NBA Finals appearances.

Who has made the most Stanley cup appearances without winning the Stanley cup?

I think the answer is St.Louis Blues with 3 finals appearances and no wins. This is during post original 6 era. During the original 6 era, all teams won the cup. (Although the Chicago Blackhawks won only one cup in this era, it was their last.) Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks have both lost 2 finals with no wins. Hawky

What NBA player has had the most Finals Appearances?

bill Russel has the most finals appearneces at 16. he won 11.

In what year did the Canucks most recently go to the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Canucks last made the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 2011

Teams with most afl and vfl appearances?


What team has made the most NBA finals appearances?

Los Angelas Lakers

What player has made the most appearances in the World Cup finals?

Shane warne

What individual has made the most Stanley cup appearances?

Henri Richard

Who has been to the Stanley Cup Finals the most?

The Montreal Canadiens who have won the Stanley Cup 24 times!

Which footballer has made the most appearances in the world cup finals?

mexican goalkeeper Cabajal

Who has the most losses in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Detroit Red Wings have the most Stanley Cup Final series losses with 13.

Is it the first time in NHL history that the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins have competed in the Stanley Cup Finals?

This (2011) is the first time the two teams have met in the finals. The Canucks have been to the finals twice before: in 1982 and in 1994. The Bruins have been to the finals seven times before, most recently in 1990.

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