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Q: What team won the 2002 men's cross country championship?
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Which country was the mens soccer champion in 2002?


Does the University of Reno have a mens cross country team?

I do not know my friend

Who won the 1980 Mens Wimbledon Tennis final?

Bjorn Borg won the mens championship

Who won the 1989 Wimbledon championship?

Steffi Graf won the Womens championship and Boris Becker won the Mens championship

When is the last time Indiana Hoosiers mens basketball team made it to the NCAA championship?

The last time the Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball team went to the NCAA Championship game was in 2002, where they lost to Maryland by a score of 64-52.

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NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball championship

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Who one the ncaa mens basketball championship for the2002 and 2003 season?

2002: Maryland over Indiana, 64-522003: Syracuse over Kansas, 81-78

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Reggie Doherty

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tubby smith

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A pineapple

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UCONN Huskies

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Madison Square Garden

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Pervis Ellison

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Hundreds of schools did not.

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