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Q: What team lost the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Finals?
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Which team lost to the Edmonton Oilers in the 1985 Stanley Cup Finals?

The Oilers lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in the finals.

Which team lost to the Dallas Stars in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals?

The Buffalo Sabres lost the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals to the Dallas Stars, 4 games to 2.

Who was last canadian team to play for stanley cup?

The last Canadian team in the finals were the Ottawa Senators in 2007. They lost. The Vancouver Canucks are going to the finals this year (2011).

What team lost to Chicago Blackhawks at finals?

Q: It was Philadelphia flyers and that's how Chicago blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!

Who was the last Canadian team to play in Stanley cup finals?


Do the losing team of the Stanley Cup finals get a second place ring?

no they do not

Who is the only red wing to win the conn smythe trophy while playing for a wings team that lost the Stanley cup finals?

Roger Crozier

What Canadian team last payed in the Stanley cup finals?

the Vancouver Canucks

Who one the Stanley cup and why?

pitsburgh penguins one the Stanley cup because they had more heart and determinatin , plus the did not want to loose to the same team that they lost last year in the stnley cup finals

What team lost the 2008-2009 NBA finals?

The Orlando Magic lost.

Do the losing team of the NBA finals get a second place ring?

The team that lost the NBA finals do not get a second place ring.

Have there been any players play for three consecutive different Stanley Cup losing teams?

No but Marian Hossa has lost in the finals twice in a row and his team is still in.

Who was the last Canadian team to play in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Ottawa Senators in 2007.

When was the last time a Canadian team was in the Stanley cup finals?

2011: Vancouver Canucks

What is the fewest goals scored by one team in Stanley cup finals?

boston bruins

How many games are in the Stanley cup finals?

The Stanley cup finals are a best-of-seven series, so they play the number of games needed for one team to win 4 games.

What year and what team did the Washington Capitals play in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Washington Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, and were swept in 4 games by the Detroit Red Wings.

How many wins does it take to win the Stanley Cup?

A team must win 16 games to win the Stanley Cup in 4 rounds of the playoffs - Conference Quarterfinals, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, Stanley Cup Finals

Which nhl team has been in the most Stanley cup finals games?

the Detroit Red Wings

Which team lost the 1974 and 1978 world cup finals?

The Netherlands

What NBA team has never lost a game in the NBA finals?


What is a sentence for tragically?

We tragically lost our pet last week.The team tragically lost the finals.

What team has lost the most NBA finals?

The LA Lakers have lost the most NBA titles with 11.

What team lost the most Stanley cup finals?

i be live in 2012 it was Boston Bruins against the Vancouver Canucks ... Boston won the series 4-3 there was a riot on vancouver that day when the vancouver canucks lost to boston bruins

In the 2006 world cup which team got to the finals but lost in penalties?